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Caleidostore is a Budapest-Copenhagen based design webshop where you can find handmade products both from Hungary and Denmark. We try to focus on Mothers, future Mothers, women and children. We collect unique and beautiful things what you can wear, decorate your kid´s room with or give as a special gift for your special one. Caleidostore is sourcing its products from exciting Hungarian designers, we offer lovable objects.

Our name  originates from the word Kaleidoscope, which comes from the Ancient Greek “Kalos” (=beautiful, beauty) and “Eidos” (= form, shape) words. What we offer here at Caleidostore is somewhat similar: if you look into a kaleidoscope, you will see small shining patterns turning around and around. A little miracle, a microcosmic universe. We present you with tales through handcrafted objects, so you can find your personal story in them.

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Our mission is to bring dreams and miracles into everyday lives through beautiful items. We believe that every object conveys human relations, personal stories, ways of thinking and living, tales and dreams. Our purpose is to make visible what is essential. We cut down the distance between designers and shoppers in order to build up a more personal connection between craftsmen and customers. We popularize the fabulous Hungarian Designers at the international stage, and start to build up a deeper connection between the two parties, the Hungarian and the Scandinavian Designers.


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You will have the chance to find your own tales and stories in the beautiful shapes of these everyday objects narrated by us on Caleidostore.

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